Share for Scoring

Sharing for scoring — accomplished using an event code — means sharing an event with other HotClays users who can enter scores within the same event. For example, suppose you are the head coach of a high school clay target team, and suppose you need to keep score on two fields at once. You can create an event for your practice, then share the event code with an assistant coach. Then you can keep score on one field, while the assistant coach keeps score on the other field, and scores will be automatically synced and grouped under the same event. This same technique can be extended to an unlimited number of scorers.

Sharing by event code is one of the most powerful features of HotClays, because it enables scoring for tournaments and large practices, where more than one scorer is necessary. It is not just for scorers, either — Sharing by event code is also useful when someone just wants to have a copy of the event in their own HotClays app (e.g. so that the scores from the event are included in their statistics).

Send Event Code

To share an event for scoring or viewing in the HotClays app, you will need to send an event code to the recipient. First navigate to the Home tab. Locate the event you would like to share, then tap the event to open it. You will see two buttons in the top-right corner. Tap the button on the left, the share button. A list of sharing options will be shown — tap ‘Event Code.’ (Note: If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to sign up or log in to proceed). Then you will see a page with a 6-letter event code in big, bold letters. Tap ‘Copy’ to copy the code to your clipboard, or ‘Share’ to bring up sharing options to send the code to a scorer using the messaging app of your choice. Or just show it to the scorer if you are with them in person.

Receive Event Code

When you receive an event code, you will need to enter the code to gain access to the event. First, open the HotClays app and make sure you’re logged in. Navigate to the Home tab, then tap the ‘+’ button (top-right corner on iOS and bottom-right corner on Android). From the list of options, tap ‘Enter Event Code.’ A page will be displayed with a text field for entering the event code. Type in the 6-letter code, and wait for your event to appear. When it appears, tap on the event to download and join the event. Wait for the event to finish downloading. Once loading is complete, you have successfully added the round to your HotClays app. Proceed to view, add, and edit scores as you normally would.