There are three terms that are key to understanding scoring in HotClays: Events, groups, and rounds. These terms were carefully chosen to match how clay shoots are organized in the real world. An event represents a real-world event — a practice, competition, or tournament. A group is a group of people who participate in the event, commonly called a “squad.” Finally, a round is a single pass through the entire sequence of shots: In trap and skeet disciplines, a round is typically 25 shots. In sporting clays, the length of a round depends on the course layout.

For example, suppose you are in charge of scoring for a 20-person American Trap practice. Each person will shoot 50 targets in a squad of 5 people total. In this example, event, group, and round have the following meanings:

HotClays shines in its ability to organize scores. In the example above, traditional scoring would require 4 sheets of paper with 1000 X’s and O’s written and counted by hand. HotClays eliminates the paper, the writing, and the counting. Scorers just tap hit and miss in the app, and total scores are automatically computed. You can easily view total scores for the event, for each group individually, and for each round. The larger your event, the more useful it is to have scores organized into events, groups, and rounds.

Create a New Event

To create a new event, first navigate to the Home tab. Then tap the ‘+’ button, which is in the top-right corner on iOS and the bottom-right corner on Android. Then tap ‘Create New Event,’ and enter a title and location for your event. You can change the event date by tapping on the date. Tap ‘Next’ to finish creating the new event.

The new event is created when you tap next. However, you typically add at least one round to an event, so HotClays automatically shows the page to start creating a new round. Proceed to the next section for instructions on creating a new round.

Create a New Round

Creating a new round is a very frequent operation. Therefore, to make it fast and easy to start a new round, HotClays lets you start a round from 3 different places in the app:

Regardless of where you start creating a new round, the next steps are the same.

You will now be presented with a list of people. Tap on a person’s name to select a person and add them to the group. You will see an orange checkmark for each person that is selected. You can use the search bar to find people, the ‘Add Person’ button to add a new person on the fly, and the ‘Clear All’ button at the bottom of the screen to deselect all people. Once you have finished selecting people for the group, tap ‘Next’ in the top-right corner.

The next screen lets you finalize the details of the round before scoring begins. You will see the following sets of details:

When you have finished verifying the details for the new round, tap ‘Start’ in the top-right corner to start the round. For instructions on how to score the round, proceed to the next section.

Score Round

After creating a new round (or tapping ‘Edit’ on an existing round), you will see a scoring interface with ‘Hit,’ ‘Miss,’ and ‘Undo’ buttons. In most cases you will also see a grid of small squares, each representing a single shot. The cursor, which indicates the currently selected shot, is shown as a border around the shot.

To score the round, you perform a sequence of the following actions:

The round is automatically saved every time you record a shot result. If you are logged in and have internet access, the round is automatically synced when you press ‘Done.’

When scoring a sporting clays discipline with a variable course layout (e.g. English Sporting), the scoring interface contains multiple pages. These pages are arranged side-by-side — one page on screen at a time — and can be categorized into two types of pages:

When you record shot results, the app will automatically move between the totals and person pages. People are also automatically reordered after each station: The first person is moved to the end of the order. You can manually move between the pages by using the tab bar at the top of the screen, or by swiping horizontally.

To preserve battery life, you may want to lock your device during pauses in shooting. You can safely lock the screen and come back to scoring later. Remember to always press ‘Done’ in the top-right corner when you are finished scoring the round.

Edit Round

To edit the scores in a round, first navigate to the Home tab. Find the event containing the round, and tap the event. Then locate the group of interest, and tap any row within the group. Finally, scroll to the round of interest, and tap any row in the round. On iOS, tap ‘Edit’ in the top-right corner. On Android, tap the dots in the top-right corner, then tap ‘Edit.’ The scoring interface is the same when editing a round as when scoring a round for the first time. For scoring instructions, please see the ‘Score Round’ section above.

Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch and are using HotClays on an iPhone, HotClays lets you use your watch to record hits and misses. This feature allows you to keep your iPhone in your pocket during the round. To record scores on your watch, open HotClays on your iPhone and start scoring a round as you normally would (see instructions above). Then open the HotClays app on your Apple Watch. You may now lock your phone and put it in your pocket. On the watch face, you will see the current shooter’s name, the station number, and the shot number. You will also see buttons for undo, miss, and hit. (If you do not see a name and buttons, make sure you have started scoring a round on your iPhone and make sure that a shot is selected). Use the buttons on your watch to score the round. Once the round is over, open your phone to review and save the round.